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Dominic Fisher Poetry

As if a tree could stutter briefly into being
 lose all its leaves then vaporise”

Bonfire Night from a Loft Window 

Return to Silver Street

On the last Friday of October I was guest poet at the recently revived monthly Silver Street Poetry event. Silver Street has a long history. It was once called Can Openers, and, along with much else, was run by Poetry Can. And Poetry Can, once funded by Bristol City Council and the Arts Council, lost all its funding, so sadly is no more. Their last Director, Colin Brown, continued to run the event with his partner Deborah Harvey as Silver Street, which was where the venue was at that time. Now, post Covid restrictions, we’re in St Stephen’s church in the centre of Bristol. It’s a very welcoming and supportive hour and a half at which, quite often, someone will read a poem of theirs in public for the first time.

It’s always been on a Friday lunchtime because not everyone wants to or can venture out at night, though there are lots of poetry nights in Bristol, starting up or coming back again. And thanks to St Stephen’s, we’ve got a wonderful new wheel-chair acccessible venue complete with café and toilets. If you’re nearby, would like to come along, and perhaps bring a poem, get in touch via the contact page.

Silver Street is currently organised by Deborah Harvey, Pat Simmons, Rosalie Alston, and me – which sounds as if I awarded myself a gig, but before I was helping to organise the event I’d been due to read there sometime in those Covid mash-up years. In fact I last read there in April 2019, just before there were empty streets and no vapour trails. I read from my then newly published first collection. This time I started with the title poem of the second.

A Customised Selection of Fireworks


It’s the sequence that really matters
colour rhythm flow
which isn’t something the lay person
gets right every time.

Maybe start with deep frozen sparklers
some St Anthony’s fire
a few howling spiders, remembering
odd numbers work best.

So, scotch bonnet, popcorn bombette
high hats, puff adder
jammy dodgers, some gamboge, and
a titanium salute.

Next one or two long-range screamers

(From A Customised Selection of Fireworks, Shoestring Press, 2022)