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Dominic Fisher Poetry

As if a tree could stutter briefly into being
 lose all its leaves then vaporise”

Bonfire Night from a Loft Window 

Red rose

I’ve been away – from these pages I mean, and now it’s summer, if wet. Also the UK government’s changed, and it seems the French, at least for now, may have held off the far right. During covid and lockdown, which was another difficult time of course, I took to going out in the garden with my phone, taking a photo of a flower and posting it on social media to cheer people up. I’ve been doing it ever since, partly because if I stop friends start wondering how I am. OK as it happens, even if it hasn’t always been easy.

Someone who’s opinion I value (let’s call him Bob) said very recently that I should put some poems together with photos of flowers. I said I thought writing poems about flowers was rather difficult. Bob wasn’t impressed with that excuse, and on thinking about it later, I decided if it was good enough for William Blake it was good enough for me. Here’s the first. It’s not in either of my collections and won’t be submitted anywhere, being published on this site, so feel free to share (with acknowledgement and link appreciated).

The rose in the photo was first posted on 5 July, the morning it became apparent that the Conservatives, the party of government for the last fourteen years, had lost heavily to Labour. It’s not for me to suggest interpretations of the poem below (though it may not be hard to see some of what was going through my head). And if William Blake’s rose is open to interpretation, then perhaps mine can be too. And if you’re into roses, this one’s called Falstaff.



Red rose


We didn’t expect to see the red rose,
in this slow wet summer, budding again.

Yet here it is, still holding itself close,
opening only slowly in the rain.

We didn’t hope for it, the deepest red,
you don’t expect it, you keep down the pain.

After all that was done, lies that were said
we haven’t let go, we hold ourselves close.

The dark red heart may fail us again
but a rose is opening in the rain.


 © Dominic Fisher 2024